R K Bio Feed Machine's pellet mills are used world wide in Animal feed (Cattle, Poultry, Ruminant & aqua), Biomass / Wood, Rice bran, Alfa-alfa, Chilli, Spices & Chemical pelleting.

Design Features

  • Pellet Mills offers overall reliability, maximum efficiency, ease of operation & spares support that combines to provide lower operating cost.
  • Provides wide range of die track width, main motor power and die speed to meet every customer’s requirement.
  • Robust main base frame in box type construction resting on anti vibration mounts. Machined motor base frame to maintain proper alignment of drive train that results in maximum power transmission.
  • Compact & small footprint, makes the pellet mill easy to install in limited space.
  • Stainless steel pelleting door can be sliding or hinged (right or left hand) type. Perfect matched door with frame keeps powder and steam inside the pelleting chamber.
  • 40 and 120 taper collar die helps in easy removal and replacement.
  • Middle wearing ring dampens shocks on the die and increases life of front & rear reinforcement rings.
  • Razor sharp hardened knife with stainless steel holding post gives perfect pellet cut length.
  • Single piece forged, hardened quill shaft with heavy main bearings and wear resistant labyrinth seal absorbs enormous mechanical forces for years of trouble free operation.
  • Hi- torque transmission V - Belts & dynamically balanced pulleys for wide range of die track speed. (5.75 - 8.5 m./sec.)
  • Pneumatic diverter flap in down spout for overload protection.
  • Rare earth magnet in inlet chute protects the pellet die and rolls against ferrous impurity.
  • Gear type lock roll assembly for precise die-roll gap adjustment.
  • Pellet dies are reversible type and promotes uniform wear.
  • Polyurethane painted silk matt finish.

Optional Features

  • A set of four perfectly aligned center studs provides perfect parallelism between die surface and roller teeth for achieving even and uniform pellets through small die holes (0.8 - 2.0 mm).
  • Centralized auto lubrication for the press roll assembly and main shaft bearings.
  • An integral motorised hoist permits easy handling of die, roll assembly, scraper plate & other heavy accessories.
  • Motor mounted above the robust fabricated body produces space saving design.
  • Two stage belt drive system gives wide transmission ratio, covering track speed ranging from 5.0 to7.0m/sec.
  • G-CHROME® & G-CARB® pellet dies for high finish gelatinized pellets.
  • Integrated rear wearing ring on die holder offers rigid system for hard pelleting.
  • Force feeder facilitates easy and uniform entry of low bulk density material (BD 100 - 200 kg/m) into the pelleting chamber.