R K Bio Feed Machine’s hammer mills fulfill the milling requirements of animal (cattle, poultry & ruminant) feed, aqua feed, biomass, wood, spices, and chemicals. Good quality pelleting requires right kind of particle size and fineness. Every model has been designed to meet the specific requirement.

Design Features

  • Capacity range from 4 -30TPH for power supply 40 to 335 HP having tip speed up to 120m/sec.
  • Air-swept "Tear Circle" grinding chamber design with gravity flow bottom discharge.
  • Sturdy box frame design perfectly machined base frame to minimize vibration/noise & for long life of bearing.
  • Two category based on motor rpm keeping tip speed same for variation in powder (%) as well in particle size.
  • Eight hinge pin location provide more versatility than comparable mills.
  • Ergonomically designed sliding/swing door shelps in space management & gives full access to grinding chamber.
  • Dynamically balanced energy saving rotor with beater arm assembly helps in quick replacement of beaters without loss of time.
  • Closure of bottom gate during maintenance eliminates falling of spare parts in the plenum chamber.
  • Flexible production option with different combination of tip speed, sieve perforation, distance between beater edge w.r.t sieve surface,beater size & its quantity.

Optional Features

  • Pneumatic control for inlet diverter.
  • Temperature monitoring of main bearings.
  • Provision for heavy impurity separation by air support system in pneumatic conveying systems.
  • Double hole concept (dual hammer position) in rotor plates for increasing/decreasing the distance between beater and sieve as per the requirement of fineness of powder.
  • Carbide tipped beaters with tip speed upto 120m/sec. for ultra fine grinding.
  • In 1500 rpm models, the sieve becomes longer due to larger diameter rotor.The provision of sieve in four part eases handling and lowers replacement cost.