The pelleting plants executed by RKBFM are equipped with machines suitable for processing balanced and hygienic pellet/crumbs feed for getting higher productivity of milk,proper growth of birds and animals.

RM intake system includes

Single / Multi dumping hopper with magnetic grill for bulk / manual unloading of feed ingredients.

Aspiration-Pulse jet self cleaning bag filters are used for a dust free environment.

Wire/Wireless digital display system with acknowledgement station at each dumping point for better communication thus avoids intermixing of raw material.

Overhead pre-weighing bins

Corrugated square bins (upto 80 m3 ) and externally stiffened round bins for storing raw material. The pyramid shaped bin bottoms are designed as per the angle of repose of specific material allows free flow without jamming.

Auto batching system

Precisely machined and fabricated variable pitch screw conveyors at the outlet of pre-weighing bins, transfers the pre-set quantity with-in tolerance limits to prepare the batch in single/multi weighing hopper rested on load cells.


Stainless steel mirror polished storage bins, variable pitch screw dischargers & weighing units are used for accurate micro dosing (+ 0.1%).

Oil/Molasses dosing

Load cell based fully automatic oil / molasses dosing system ensures accurate & reliable liquid spray in the mixer for homogenous addition.


We offer 1500/Hammer Mill - 3000 RPM keeping tip speed same for variation in powder (%) as well in particle size.

Fully integrated aspiration bag filters with plenum chambers are used for efficient grinding, reduced temperature rise and cleaned screen holes.


  • Ribbon mixer

    is used for dry gentle mixing for CV<5. Capacity 0.5 - 40 TPH.
  • Paddle mixer

    is used for fast & vigorous semi-wet mixing with a good amount of liquid addition.
  • Molasses mixer

    for vigorous mixing of molasses (max 12%) in stainless steel mirror polished construction with adjustable paddle for continuous mixing.

Steam Conditioning

A complete set of dosing feeder and conditioner(s) gives a higher throughput with perfect PDI, better gelatinized pellet, improved digestibility at low power and long retention time.


Pellet Mills offers overall reliability, maximum efficiency, ease of operation & spares support that combines with a wide range of die track width, main motor power and die speed to meet every customer's requirement.


pellet dies for high finish gelatinized pellets.


Air versus pellets counter flow enables the pellet to be cooled gradually thus minimizing the risk of "cooling shock"

The steady hydraulic discharge system ensures minimization of fine.

Full stainless steel construction.


Differential rotational speed of rolls for perfect crumbling.

Fluted rotary feeder for even distribution of pellets along the full length of rolls.

Special belt-pulley drive for noiseless and slip free crumbling.


The screening system provides a fast and efficient method of size separation with proper residence time to eliminate powder from the feed.

Long screen travel provides adequate retention time for fast & efficient method of size separation.

Single or multiple deck sieve for grading of different size of pellets/crumbs.

Auto Bagging

Pelletized feed in 25-70 kgs. bags are auto weighed and single / double row stitched for hygienic storage or transport.