Feed mill automation & process monitoring system

Our feed plant technology enables our customers to create their own unique recipes with controlled homogenous content. The feed plant is monitored / controlled by PLC based automation & process monitoring system with the help of various safety & operational hardwired interlocks to make the feed plant safe, efficient and for smooth operation.

After having entered the feed recipe into process control system, the complete feed process from intake to bagging is on- screen.The continuous data logging system ensures product traceability at every stage.

Various reports like batch report, lot report, recipe code, daily production report are generated in SQL which ensures the complete product traceability.The information management ensure safe and seamless feed mill operation.

We have a dedicated online office support team which provides plant support through remote login.

We also offer individual machine automation

  • Pellet mill control system with touch screen integrates dosing feeder, single/multi conditioners for fill level & feed temperature, main motor current, and overload protection.
  • Hammer mill control system with HMI integrates rotary feeder, bearing temperature, main motor current, aspiration system and discharge air lock.
  • Alarm management through tripmeter for recording running hours of dies, rolls, change in beaters and other rotating parts.