Die Manufacturing

Die Manufacturing

Our manufacturing process includes precision machining, thread milling & slotting operation, accurate deep-hole drilling for high quality hole finish, Inverted countering and outer relieving operation, vacuum heat-treatment under fully temperature-controlled furnace and finally high quality grinding to facilitate excellent fitment.

Our complete range includes Dies of holes as small as 1.4mm & upto 12mm holes.

Our G-CHROME and G-CARB dies guarantee

  • Higher production
  • Increased rate of production per hour
  • Substantial reduction in the power cost
  • Unaffected by hot steam, molasses and other fat contents
  • Easy pelleting right from the start
  • Minimizing the maintenance time
  • Negligible hole enlargement

Carb Rollers

  • Corrugated rolls close/open end
  • Dimple rolls
  • Helical fluted rolls
  • Pinnacle close end rolls

Carb rolls are hardened to 60-62 HRC to provide long service life and are compatible to all types of dies.